Malgora – the Queen of the Ural Giants

Not too many people know about Malgora – the Queen of the Ural Mountains. Located in central Russia on the western edge of the Siberian tundra, the  Ural Mountains are saturated with mysteries and legends. Malgora tells the story of a young woman, who was set aside from her birth to restore the purity of her people and to … Continue Reading

From Misery to Mystery

Proper Bandit Productions and author Lydia Istomina are offering her latest book, From Misery to Mystery, for free in the Amazon Kindle store for this weekend only.

Russian Giant Delivers Saving Grace 20 Years Ago

Twenty years ago, people of Shreveport, LA got serious jitters at the sight of a Russian military plane AN-124 coming in for a landing at the nearby Barksdale Airforce Base. Against the stereotypical assumptions, however, this flight did not have any militaristic intentions. Quite the opposite, the large transport plane was coming with the most … Continue Reading