Bringing Hidden Things to Light: Spiritual Revitalization of the Last Soviet Generation

BHTTL-2 An expanded version of the original book, Bringing Hidden Things To Light, this second edition brings in the elements that the author, Lydia Istomina, the first Methodist woman pastor in Russia, was not able to disclose or was advised not to bring up at the time in her first edition. The story of spiritual revitalization in the early-to-mid 1990s is a fascinating account of personal, hands-on experience with  suffocating remnants of survival in the Soviet Union, fragile hopes for a better future, fascinating (yet sometimes intimidating and downright frightening) life as a subject of religious mission work, the difficulty of changing the so-called sovkovaya (shovel) mentality prevalent especially toward the end of the Soviet era, and finally the dangers that surrounded this journey and affected the author herself as well as her family.