Bringing Hidden Things to Light

Bringing Hidden Things to Light, written by the very first woman pastor in Russia, is a first-hand account of historic and powerful chain of events back in the 1990s. Reflective of a country that was in the midst of transition on all levels and by all accounts, the book takes readers on a fascinating journey of this one woman, her family, and people she inspired to become supporters of the Methodist Revival in Russia. The fragile political climate of that era created a unique opportunity to let true miracles take place in a cold, industrial, closed-to-foreigners military city and in the hearts of people hungry for things spiritual even more than hard-to-find food items. A story of courage, trust, breaking stereotypes, making deep soulful connections and encountering equally deep disappointments offers a snapshot of historic breakthroughs, large and small – political, spiritual, personal. Without this book, history of Methodism and of post-Cold-War American-Russian Relations is not complete.

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