Lydia Istomina

Born in the Ural mountains in Russia, on the border between Europe and Asia, Lydia Istomina’s songs and short stories fuse Eastern and Western traditions, balancing intellect and sacrifice, creativity and deep meditation, search for truth and compassion, complexity and simplicity.

Extremely motivated ethics and compliance specialist, Lydia can bring a fresh view to any organization, helping build cross-functional teams, develop and communicate corporate policy and facilitate organizational auditing and alignment. Please be sure to contact her at to book a seminar, request a consultation or sign up for evaluation of your organization today.

Lydia is a talented writer and singer.

Lydia’s short stories and editorials have been published in the Kansas City Star, Response Magazine, and The Kansan. Her published books, such as Bringing Hidden Things To Light, and From Misery to Mystery are available on and at booksellers everywhere.

In a warm, sultry voice,  she opens her soul to her audience, disarming them with warm, gentle sarcasm and ironic whit. Lydia helps people to look at themselves through lens of truth.

Lydia has studied voice with Dr. Charles Beard of University of Missouri, Kansas City, accordion with Betty Jo Simon, championship winning accordionist, and percussion with Doug Auwarter. She has also studied jazz vocal stylings with Everette DeVan and jazz piano with Rich Hill. She has performed with John Anthony of the NY Metropolitan Opera and Will Wiggins of the San Francisco Opera.