Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching – How to how to get unstuck and start functioning at your highest potential

  • How to identify your passion and purpose with more clarity
  • Learn the art of communication to take your employees out of apathy
  • Identify and remove your innermost fears and insecurities
  • Dealing with bullies and not becoming one: how to handle a room full of opponents
  • Self-care: learn how to respond successfully to difficult people and challenging circumstances without getting a heart attack
  • Develop world-class speaking skills
  • Learn the art of true charisma and capture attention
  • Maximize reputation through self-assessment and improving image and market presence
  • Develop tactics to manage emotions and be peaceful and proactive in the face of challenges

Cost: Executive coaching can be done in person, on the phone/Skype.

Evaluation session is free of charge.

After that, 30’ session – $150. 1 hour session – $200.